Ten Must Know Tips in Microsoft Office®

Melanie Rae
February 1, 2013 — 1,091 views  

The list below showcases some of the not-so secret tips I use to streamline my projects in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. After teaching hundreds of classes in Microsoft Office, I can make my keyboard dance by using these shortcuts and techniques.

[Microsoft Word]

Use tables to layout your forms and marketing collateral

Click Insert ribbon>Table>Insert Table or Draw Table. <Tip> If you insert a table and need to enter information above it, hit Ctrl Enter to move the table down.

Clean Data with Find & Replace

If you copy a list and need to remove duplicate information (e.g. “email:”), click Replace on the Home ribbon. You can search for special characters as well. <Tip>Use the shortcutsCtrl F and Ctrl H.

Enhance pictures that you download

Select an image and click Format ribbon and then Recolor.

Use Styles to format documents

Apply Heading styles to your document by selecting text and clicking Heading 1 within the Styles group on the Home ribbon. <Tip> Use the Document Map on the View ribbon for navigation.

[Microsoft Excel]

Use the fill handle to copy data

To copy a formula quickly, double click the fill handle.

Divide full names (FirstName LastName) in a list using Text to Columns

If necessary, insert a couple of blank columns next to the column you wish to separate. Highlight the column and then click the Data ribbon and Text to Columns. Select Delimited and then check the Space box and click Finish. <Tip> Remove middle initials or suffixes prior to applying. If this is not an option, you can use text functions such as LEN, FIND, LEFT, MID, and RIGHT to extract your data.

Identify duplicate data with colors

Highlight your range and select Home ribbon>Conditional Formatting>Highlight Cell Rules>Duplicate Values.

[Microsoft PowerPoint]

Apply a borrowed design to your presentation

If you like the design from an existing presentation, you can easily apply it to your own. Click the Design ribbon and then the Themes dropdown arrow. Click Browse for Themes and then navigate to an existing presentation.

[Microsoft Outlook]

Move emails to tasks and calendars

Shave a few seconds by highlighting an email and dragging it to Contacts, Tasks or Calendar to create a new entry.

[Microsoft Office]

Use high resolution images from Microsoft

You can use royalty-free photos and illustrations for non-commercial projects by downloading images and templates from http://office.microsoft.com

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