25 Keys for Building Successful And Enduring Business Relationships

Mr. Tim Connor
March 6, 2013 — 1,029 views  

Over the years I have observed a number of business relationships that have failed and succeeded, whether they ended quickly, or years after.  Whether they ended due to a breakdown in communication, or from someone letting their ego take over.  Or whether they lasted due to both parties ability to keep the relationship grounded in trust, integrity and mutual acceptance.

I have had relationships with many of my clients for over 15 years and I have had some where there was a single speaking engagement and that was it.  So what are some of the ingredients in those relationships that go the distance?  Is it caving in from time to time or standing your ground?  Is it maintaining consistent open and honest communication no matter how challenging the topic?  Or was it just both parties’ simple intent to do what was necessary to go the distance?

I believe there are 25 Basics in all lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.  Yes, there are many others but if you have the following 25, you are well on your way to enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.


  1. Maintain trust
  2. Stay connected
  3. Let go of your ego
  4. Don’t overuse technology
  5. Be  resourceful
  6. Build psychological debt
  7. Let integrity rule
  8. Make it about service not winning
  9. Have a positive mindset
  10. Anticipate - don’t react
  11. Go the extra mile
  12. Let patience rule
  13.  Know it’s not about being right
  14.  Keep your perceptual filter clean
  15.  See the lifetime value of a customer
  16. Manage conflict in a positive way
  17. Don’t make it about the money
  18. Accept differences
  19. Keep communication open and honest
  20.  Maintain consistency no matter what
  21. Be yourself and let others be themselves
  1. Don’t be an invalidator
  2. Know that no one is ever totally right or wrong
  3. You are responsible to people not for them
  4. You get the behavior you reward

So how would you rate all of your current relationships based on the above topics?

Mr. Tim Connor

Connor Resource Group

Global renowned sales and management speaker and trainer and best selling author of over 80 books including several international best sellers.