Communication Today - Are We Headed Towards Serious Disconnect?

Mr. Tim Connor
February 15, 2013 — 955 views  

Ever had a text argument?  Ever received an email where the customer explained a serious problem to you?  Ever gotten a text from your boss regarding your performance?  Ever had your cell phone break down and your spouse railed you for not responding to their call?  Ever found out on Face Book that your best friend was engaged? I could go on for hours with these examples, but here’s the point – technology is a wonderful and convenient tool, but it will never replace the need for humans to connect face to face or voice to voice.  Call me old fashioned, out of touch or whatever you want, but I believe today we are relying too heavily on technology to maintain, develop or fix relationships that may be in trouble.

Think about it – how much you tend today to rely on technology to keep in touch.  Sure you can call for help at a moment’s notice with your cell phone, confirm an appointment with your IPod or pass on a new requirement with your I Pad and send a mass email to all of your customers and or prospects about a new product or service – these are all valuable approaches, but I believe most people are learning to avoid confronting their business and relationship challenges or opportunities because it’s so much easier to use technology as their primary method of – keeping in touch.

First of all--the world, contrary to your belief, doesn’t revolve around you and your immediate need for a response, returned call, or information.  Second you can’t presume that others are using technology to the same extent you are; and third, don’t assume that others are as competent with technology as you would like them to be.

We seem to be moving more and more quickly into a narcissistic human environment where people believe that everything should happen for them now and according to their needs, expectations or wants.  I have news for you – I have a cell phone but I refuse to see it as my 5th appendage.  I am not going to be a slave to your expectations and needs.  “Tim, get with it, the world has changed - technology rules – get with the program.”  Sorry, contrary to your belief my life doesn’t revolve around you or anyone else’s agendas. 

I have watched couples and families at a restaurant where everyone was on their cell phone at the same time.  I have watched business people during my seminars texting.  I have observed people putting other’s lives at risk as they try and negotiate through heavy traffic while having conversations on their phone.

I ask you a simple question – could some of this have waited 30 minutes?  Do you need an answer to everything now?  What are you sacrificing or losing in your relationships due to your obsession with technology?  Did you know the average person spends over 60 hours a month on the Internet?    Can you turn these off for 24 hours and not wonder what you are missing? 

How did successful business grow and prosper before wireless technology or even computers?  “Again Tim, you just don’t get it – this is the new age.”  Well let me give you my quick take.  I believe in using all of these gadgets if they will improve the quality of my life but I also have to tell you there are numerous ways where they complicate my life more than it was ten years ago.

I am by no means suggesting that you give up all of your toys. I am only asking you to think for just a moment – could your life be less stressful, more fun, easier, even more productive if you began to see all of this stuff as nothing more than just another tool – not the only one – to deal with life’s issues, challenges and opportunities?

Mr. Tim Connor

Connor Resource Group