Don’t think Mobile Marketing Works for your Company? Think Again

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January 7, 2013 — 864 views  

The sheer number of smartphones and tablets in use today is mind-boggling. Even entry-level smartphone has features that a savvy web-user could use to read reviews of the newest restaurant in town or update his or her status on a social networking site. In fact, from being a luxury for a select few till a few years back, smartphones and tablets have now become essentials for people to stay connected on the go. These facts predict a very exciting and dynamic future ahead for mobile marketing, which is why every company, no matter what the product or service is, can benefit from mobile marketing.

Life on the Go: Are you a Part of it yet?

Latest reports estimate that around 90 million Americans own a smartphone, and revenue from mobile marketing is expected to grow roughly 10 times within 2014. Leave statistics aside and take a look at your immediate circle of co-workers, friends, and acquaintances. Almost every person uses either a smartphone or a tablet PC to book tickets for movie screenings, traveling, entertainment and dining out. Not just that, a large number of people uses their phones to shop online as well. This explains why consumer giants like Wal-Mart and Amazon have such a strong mobile presence.

Even movie enthusiasts rent out their favorite movies from Blockbuster through mobile phones and tablets. All of this means that consumers are increasingly getting comfortable with mobile commerce. Given the exponential surge in mobile marketing and the robust growth predicted ahead, it’s the best time to invest in your presence in the mobile world.

Use mobile marketing to Stay Connected with your Customers

A strong presence in the sphere of mobile commerce improves brand recall and consumer loyalty and helps foster a strong bond with your target audience. There are several ways to connect with your target audience through mobile marketing. Some of the ways you can use mobile marketing are:

  1. Organize exciting contests from time to time. This gives your customers an incentive to keep visiting your site frequently. Be sure to keep the contests simple yet fun.
  2. You can provide updates of your latest projects completed or products launched.
  3. You can also provide fun facts and general greetings during holidays and festivals. This helps create a positive image in the mind of the customer.

Mobile marketing is an easy way to increase your revenue, while strengthening ties with your target audience and customer base. All it takes are a few tips to make the medium work for your business. For instance, remember to keep your page simple and free from clutter. Most customers consider user-friendly features and ease of access as the most important reasons to return to a brand’s mobile website. Make sure your website loads fast and navigation is smooth. Keep text to a minimum, making sure the copy talks about your product or services in a concise manner. Adhere to these few simple rules and you too can create a great mobile presence for your business.

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