Do you Know What Your “About Me” Page Really Says about You?

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January 2, 2013 — 910 views  

The “About Me” page is perhaps the best calling card for your business. Getting people to find out more about what you do can be more challenging than it seems. Important question such as what are your core values and which services do you specialize in will need to be answered smartly. It’s like the common question all interviewers ask “Tell me something about yourself.” And just like the question, the about me page is your chance to tell the reader exactly what it is that you stand for.

Whether it is your services, your specialty, or even how it all began, the “About Me” page is the best place to acquaint your readers or customers with yourself. This is where you have their rapt attention and how you choose to make use of it can determine your growth ahead.

Why a Good “About Me” Page is Crucial for your Business

Let’s consider the scenario of the interview again. We’ve all faced the question “Tell me something about yourself” and by now, most of us know the best way to answer it. When you’ve worked for many years or done several different things, what do you tell and what do you leave out? After all, you have only a few minutes to condense your achievements, goals, plan of action for the future and areas of interest. Not only that, you have to present these in a way that creates interest in the mind of the interviewer.

The “about me” or “information page” is essentially a platform for you to highlight the best qualities of your business and talk about what you do in a style that holds the attention of a potential customer. The importance of this page cannot be emphasized enough as it tells the reader what you do, what you’ve achieved so far, what you’re good at and why you’re the right choice for a specific service or product. If you cover these basics in a simple and interesting manner, then you’ll have an about me page assured to get your message across to your customers.

5 Key Features of a Great “About me” Page

Whether you’re a subcontractor, a freelance photographer, or a small business keen to grow fast, your “about me” or information page should have a few basic elements. Below, we’ve mentioned 5 key features of a well-made about me page:

  1. A succinct and well-written bio, essential for both individuals and businesses. A good bio should mention how and when your business started, the core ethics that your business is based upon, and how your company is best suited to the needs of the reader/customer.
  2. How many years of experience you have and your areas of expertise/specialty.
  3. Why your customers should choose you for a particular product or service.
  4. If you’re an individual running your own business, such as a contractor or a freelancer, then a professional-looking yet friendly picture and your qualifications should be mentioned.
  5. Your contact information and links to your profiles on social networking websites like Facebook as well as professional networking websites like LinkedIn should be provided.

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