Project Management Best Practices

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May 17, 2012 — 1,103 views  

Organizing a project, in the office or during your own time, can sometimes be difficult. Uniting many strands of thought and a number of tasks can take a little pre-planning, so use these project management best practices to help get things done more quickly and thoroughly.

Planning horizon

The most you can hope to accomplish is what you've planned for. However, sizable projects require so much organization at the outset that planning sessions can seem daunting. If you use a planning horizon, you'll only need to outlay portions of a project. Find reasonable benchmarks or stopping points that will allow you to stop, survey what you've accomplished so far and begin planning again.


If your project management is being performed with a group, make sure that every single person involved knows what her role is. The best way to derail an activity or operation is to work with people who need to delegate responsibilities on the fly. Make role definitions an integral part of planning.


Even with ample planning and a lot of organization, it's easy to experience what project management experts call 'scope creep.' This means that an operation grows and becomes more complicated during the course of its execution. Avoid letting this happen by keeping work firmly within pre-established boundaries throughout the duration of a project.

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