Performance Reviews: Best Practices

April 20, 2012 — 1,136 views  

It's the responsibility of most human resource departments to perform at least annual employee performance reviews. This is a way for the company to find out how certain processes are running in the office and make alterations to things that may need updating or are no longer relevant.

These performance reviews not only iron out kinks within the business, but also help managers focus on each staff member individually and identify strengths and weaknesses. This is a great opportunity to discuss raises and promotions, as well as address any problems.

Reviews are important because it allows managers the ability to know the current position of each employee in relation to their goals. Helping staff reach their professional goals can benefit the company and make for happy employees.

In order to implement best practices into employee performance reviews, a company should always incorporate how the staff performance is tied to the success of the company, according to PayScale, a resource for employers. The source also suggests using open communication with employees during reviews as their feedback of the company and position is essential in making overall positive changes. Also, make sure to keep employee reviews up to date as most will be good for a maximum of five years.