Five Traits of Successful Managers

April 10, 2012 — 1,148 views  

Not all managers enjoy a successful, rewarding and fulfilling career. Managers who are hoping to run a successful business or company department should consider these five traits that all successful managers possess in some way.

1. Good communication skills - A great manager will be able to communicate with his or her clients, fellow managers and staff. In order to get all tasks accomplished correctly, a manager must be able to communicate with everyone consistently and track progress. 

2. Ability to delegate - A manager can't be afraid to delegate tasks to others. It can divide the responsibilities among staff so everyone is working toward common goals. This helps work get done faster and more efficiently.

3. Able to stay calm - Managers will likely face stressful situations regularly. Although these might take a toll emotionally, it's important to be able to stay calm and reasonable. Employees will look toward managers to remain an emotional constant, even under tough circumstances.

4. Encouraging and rewarding - Employees will typically do their best when they work for an encouraging manager. Everyone wants to feel like their efforts are being recognized and appreciated.

5. Passionate - Managers should show staff why their jobs and responsibilities are important. This can be done in part by being passionate about the business and industry.