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Employment-Related Records in Alberta

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Protect your organisation – know the ins and outs of employment-related records.

Developing and maintaining employment records are extremely important components of any organisation’s operations. Improper handling of these records can land you in hot water. Don’t miss this opportunity to get advice on how to best address the records challenges that matter most to you.

These reference materials are full of best practice tips for the retention, maintenance and destruction of employment records. Purchase these reference materials and get the legal and practical information you need to ensure compliance and improve your personnel file management.

Benefits for You
•Effectively document employee hiring and termination records
•Learn how to handle employee medical records and who can have access to those records
•Stay up-to-date in recent developments involving employee records
•Learn how to document workplace investigations


Robert Calvert, Davis LLP
Roxanne M. Davis, Stones Carbert Waite LLP
Joel C. Fairbrother, Field LLP
Kelly R. Nicholson, Field LLP
Jill W. Wilkie, Miller Thomson LLP

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